​In case you share your personal information voluntarily over our web site, it means that you accept this confidentiality policy and the conditions. Our web site does not collect any personal information from visits other than voluntary information sharing.

Our Company shows care in protecting confidentiality of personal information of the users. Precautions necessary for providing security of your personal information are taken. Audits necessary for providing practice of these laws and provisions are constructed and being applied. Within the scope of our confidentiality policy, personal data (name, e-mail address, business and private addresses, telephone number, etc.) presented to our web site by the users are not shared with third parties, sold, leased or have used by any other way. Your information is subject to restricted access to prevent unauthorized access to information, changing and misusing. Besides, our employees and the institutions we cooperate are held liable by us to act within the framework of confidentiality policy.

Collected personal information are connected and limited with the purpose they are processed. They shall be stored for the period projected in the relevant legislation and required for the purpose they are processed. At the end of the period, your personal information shall be deleted, destroyed or anonymized.

These confidentiality provisions shall not be effective for outer web sites you shall access through the links at our web sites. For this reason, we suggest you to review confidentiality approaches of the sites you access before you share your personal information. Besides, in case there are fields on our web site you determine user name and password, we suggest you not to share your information with anyone for your safety.

Your personal information you voluntarily provide shall be used for the following purposes:

  • Evaluating claims, requests and complaints
  • Developing and supplying products and services requested by the user or resolving the problems relevant to the services and tools offered
  • Informing users, announcing campaigns
  • Determining user profiles to use within the structure of our Company
  • Delivering the purchased goods and/or awards
  • Evaluating applications within the process of recruitment

Our Company has the right to disclose/share the users’ information only if:

  • The Company has permission for sharing the user’s personal information
  • Court order, administrative authority claims or legal procedures requirements
  • Recorded for survey, planning and statistics or such purposes by putting them in official statistics and anonymous form
  • Personal data being necessary within the preventive, protective and informative activities conducted by public institutions and organizations entitled by law to provide national defense, national security, public safety, public order or economic safety and recorded for these purposes

People may consult our Company with the following purposes in parallel with their rights:

  • To learn whether personal information are used and, if so, for what purpose they are used
  • To request correction of imperfect or misrecorded information
  • To request deleting personal data
  • To learn the third parties whom personal information are forwarded to, both within the country and abroad
  • Claiming for damages in case loss is incurred by recording personal data